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Cleaning service of split air conditioner

Quality air, quality life
Protect family health

Why do we need to clean the air conditioner

The air-conditioner will accumulate in use for a period of time, which will affect the cooling or heating effect. In severe cases, it will cause water blockage and water leakage. In addition, because of the sweat produced when the air conditioner is in operation, the damp body is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which not only produces peculiar smells but also affects health.

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Why choose Chaoyuancheng to clean the air conditioner?

professional team

​The on-site staff are all employees of the company and are not outsourced


​The company has purchased labor insurance and third party public liability insurance

advanced technology

Using steam high-temperature disinfection to truly sterilize, protect and improve indoor air quality

Health protection

Adopt RED MOON® pure plant deodorant antibacterial agent coating service to inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria and clean air quality to protect family health


Clean air conditioner program

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