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Chaoyuancheng Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded by Roche's three fathers and sons. We will practice the service spirit of "customer first", "persistent on quality", "excellent" and "source sincere concept" to bring customers excellent quality service. We adhere to the attitude of no outsourcing and no tricks, and other services provided to you are handled directly by the company's senior technical staff to ensure the quality of services and try to meet your needs.

The company has established an engineering department and a sales department, and also has a maintenance engineering fleet, which specializes in providing high-efficiency and high-quality one-stop maintenance services. So that we can deal with the various requirements of customers in the first time. In addition, we also collect opinions from customers and provide special after-sales service. After-sales service includes maintenance and inspections, so that customers have confidence in our work process, so that customers can receive satisfactory services and reach the recognized level. Specialize in various commercial organizations, family residences in various districts, small and medium-sized enterprises, offices, schools, group organizations, shops, etc., free door-to-door quotation, fair and reasonable price! Welcome to call us.


Our attitude


Genuine goods at a fair price

We actively understand the needs of our customers. Before carrying out projects for our customers, the service items and prices must be clearly listed, which will effectively improve work efficiency for our customers, and our customers' trust in us can be assured.


Quality service

We attach great importance to the quality delivered to customers after each project is completed, and we refuse to cut corners. Poor quality will not only affect customers' confidence in us, but also affect the company's reputation.


Safe and cautious

Masters are the most important resource of our company. We have cited the Labor Department and other safety regulations to train masters on safety knowledge, so that masters can take adequate safety measures at work and reduce the degree of danger to zero.

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