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Installation service of split air conditioner

Provide one-stop service for purchasing and installing air conditioners
Free on-site inspection and quotation

You can contact Chaoyuancheng customer service through the following two contact channels

Our office hours are:

From Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, and from 2 pm to 6 pm, our customer service will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry, and will arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

After the customer confirms the quotation, Chaoyuancheng’s customer service will contact you and make an appointment for the installation to the completion date, from the start of the project to before the completion of the project, so the technicians are all Chaoyuancheng employees and are not outsourced. Our professional The installer will complete it within the specified time, which is to give customers a guarantee of confidence in us.

The air conditioners installed by the technicians of Chaoyuancheng are entitled to a 24-month installation warranty. Regardless of any equipment or installation failures in the air conditioner, we will arrange for a technician to visit the first time. If the air conditioner fails, we We will also contact the original factory for repairs within the equipment warranty to reduce unnecessary troubles for you.

​​Let customers experience Chaoyuancheng's professional services

​​Step 1: Schedule an appointment

​​Step 2: Free home visit

Chaoyuancheng’s professional and technical personnel will arrive at your home or office to inspect the on-site environment and evaluate whether the number of air conditioners or the installation location meets the needs of the guests. We will provide a more detailed air-conditioning equipment and installation quotation after evaluating the actual environment according to customer requirements and technicians. If the customer needs, the technical staff of Chaoyuancheng will provide a proposal, give some suggestions, and try their best to meet customer needs.

​​Step 3: Start the installation

​​Step 4: After-sales service

​The three advantages of choosing Chaoyuancheng

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Installation warranty for special features of split air conditioner

Chaoyuancheng installs a split-type air conditioner and provides a 24-month installation special warranty period

We will arrange for technicians to come to repair as soon as possible

​Reduce more unnecessary troubles for you


Install failure repair kit scaffolding within the first 12 months

Installation of split-type air conditioner provides a 24-month installation special warranty period

Failure caused by installation in the first 12 months

​Chaoyuancheng will provide free scaffolding or gondolas for installation and maintenance

​*Limited to the construction of bamboo scaffolding or gondolas


​The whole process of the project is in charge of the technical staff of Chaoyuancheng

During the project, all technicians on site are employees of Chaoyuancheng, and they are by no means outsourced

​The outsourcing technicians do not have certain guarantees in the process, which affects the after-sales service follow-up

For Chaoyuancheng, after-sales service is our guarantee of confidence to you

Installation case of split air conditioner

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Installation case of split air conditioner


Appointment registration form for air-conditioner installation

​Please fill out the form, we will contact you within 1-2 working days.

Thank you for submitting the above information!

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